Wyrmwood is a location featured in The Darkness comic series.

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Wyrmwood is a mystical Native American Indian town that was imprinted with a part of The Darkness. This Darkness part caused all the denizens to be immortal, but also bind them to the town, never able to leave its premise. The town could also now move from place to place swallowing unwary travellers.

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Origins Edit

Wyrmwood was an old Native American Indian town. Sometimes a young warrior would go there to prove his bravery. The men would come back from the place that nobody returns, skinned alive. The natives believed that the survivors were touched by God, so every word they littered would go into folklore.

Antonio Estacado Edit

Many centuries later, Antonio Estacado built a settlement on the land of Wyrmwood. Antonio was planning to release The Darkness here in order to get rid of it. Differently from other hosts, Antonio didn't learned how to control his power and once released, The Darkness slaughtered everyone in Wyrmwood. Antonio then left the town, but The Darkness left a small part in Wyrmwood, causing all the denizens to be immortal, but also bind them to the town, never able to leave its premise.

Rescuing Jenny Edit

Decades later, Jenny Romano got trapped in the Wyrmwood and the towns mayor, Jedidiah McMahon used her in order to attract the new Darkness host, Jackie Estacado. With the help of Mandolin, Jackie manages to track down and enter the town.

Jackie and Mandolin are then attacked by the denizens of Wyrmwood. Mandolin regrets not staying in the car as Jackie fights with the denizens. One of the Wyrmwood denizens grabs Mandolin and tries to kill him, but Jackie's Darklings save him. The fight is interrupted by Emil Cruikshank, the sheriff of Wyrmwood and Jedidiah who reveal to have taken Jenny as hostage and threaten to kill her.

After telling what Antonio did to them, Jedidiah reveals that Jackie could free them so they could remake the world in the image of Wyrmwood. Jackie refuses to do that and instead kills Emill, freeing Jenny from their grasps. He then asks Mandolin and Jenny to get to his car, while Jackie tries to suck up the town and its denizens into himself. While he manages to absorb the town, the cursed souls manage to escape.

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