Woman with a Red Ribbon
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Vol. 3 Issue 76

"An effigy of the Wizard's wife, hair bound by a blood red ribbon, lured many Darkness wielders to their deaths at the hands of the Djinn."
Aram describing the Woman with a Red Ribbon. [src]

The Woman with a Red Ribbon is unnamed woman appearing in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

After a Darkness wielder slept with a powerful Wizard's wife, the sorcerer creates a Djinn that kills not only the Darkness wielder who had defiled his wife, but any subsequent wielders who might someday stumble across his path. The Wizard then binds to it an effigy of his wife, hair bound by a blood red ribbon, which lures many Darkness wielders to their deaths at the hands of the Djinn.

Two hundreds years ago, the Woman with a Red Ribbon lures Aram to the Djinn with former managing to kill the being.

Red Ribbon Edit

In the twenty first century, the Woman with a Red Ribbon came across the current Darkness wielder, Jackie Estacado. After getting a glimpse of her, Jackie begins to chase her and catches her near a elevator. He then kisses the woman, who runs away into an alleyway, leaving a red ribbon in Jackie's hands.

Jackie eventually manages to track down the woman with the red ribbon to an abandoned building and after checking if there're no else in the room, kisses her. As Jackie shares a kiss with the woman, a Djinn forms out of sand behind him, ready to attack.

Jackie is attacked by the Djinn as the Woman with the Red Ribbon watches them. He manages to evade Djinn's attacks, but fails to any major damage. Jackie then breaks all the light sources, but Djinn begins to emit light from itself. Estacado then realises that in order to end the curse, he needs to kill not the guardian, but the woman he protects. He then proceeds to strangle to death the woman with her red ribbon, ending the curse.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Immortality:

Abilities Edit

  • Seduction:

Trivia Edit

  • Issue 76 cover suggests that early version of Woman with a Red Ribbon would have had an ability to manipulate her red ribbon and even use it as a weapon.

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