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Vol. 1 Issue 1

"Why? Why do these things always happen to me? All I ever wanted was to serve."
Wenders [src]

Wenders is the manservant of Sonatine and later Jackie Estacado, appearing in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Serving Sonatine Edit

Wenders is a servant to the Darkness working for Sonatine. In one issue Jackie Estacado forced him to cooperate in a plan to battle the Angelus. He had to throw smoke bombs so that Jackie would be shrouded in Darkness so he could battle the Angelus during the day. For a little incentive to make sure Wenders did it, Jackie dropped a Darkling, named Darkus in Wenders pants. If he didn't work with Jackie his penis would be bitten off.

Wenders tries to get Jenny on the boat, saying that if he doesn't a monster in his pants will bite of his genitalia. Jenny instead grabs the chains and runs back on the island. Sensing that Wenders has failed to complete his orders, Darkus bites off his genitalia.

Serving Jackie Edit

Even though this happened, Wenders continued to serve Jackie in any way he could, he even offered him a solution to Jackie's no-sex problem. He offered himself to Jackie so he wouldn't have to worry about having an offspring. Needless to say Jackie tossed him out of the window into a garbage container.

Soon there after Wenders was picked up by one of Appolonia's men and Vespasian tortured him into telling her all he knew about Jackie and in turn he told her everything he knew about the Darkness and the Angelus. When Jackie was captured it was Wenders however who saved him by pulling the curtains closed and shrouding the room in darkness, restoring Jackie to his powers.

After Sonatine was killed, he possessed Wenders' body in hopes of manipulating Jackie by masquerading as a loyal servant. Meanwhile, the real Wenders was put into Sonatine's body and hid somewhere in Russia.

Personality Edit

Wenders is weak-minded and coward, usually avoiding any confrontation. He is a loyal servant to the Darkness and does his masters biding without hesitation. Wenders goes to great lengths to show this loyalty, even offering himself to Jackie for sex. Although he can be easily threatened into breaking this loyalty.

Trivia Edit

  • Wenders current state is unknown because as of Vol. 3 Issue 97, Sonatine claims that he never possessed his body and suggests Wenders was just crazy.

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