Vol. 3 Issue 6

Phil Hester


Michael Broussard


Ryan Winn


Sheldon Mitchell


Troy Peteri


Rob Levin

Cover by:

Stjepan Šejić


October 2008

Vol. 3 Issue 6 is the sixth issue of the third The Darkness comic series volume. This issue is the sixth and final part of Empire story arc, called Daybreak.

Synopsis Edit

If you ever thought that Jackie Estacado had something good still left in his heart, wake up. He's tired of seeing his friends dying just because they were near him, and in this issue he will show everyone why he's called The Darkness beginning a rampaging and bloody path of vengeance and the first name on his list is Dr. Kirchner, the man responsible for Marisol's death.

What Jackie didn't know, is that someone just stole his chance. His new-born "son", who seems to be the Darkness made flesh, will do anything to get rid off his daddy and terminate the Estacado lineage once and for all. Talking about family values...

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Plot Summary Edit


Jackie gets his Darkness powers back and travels to the cathedral. On the way, two rebels notice him and try to take him out, but Jackie quickly incapacitates them with his Darkness tendrils. When he reaches the cathedral, Darklings stop him. With a snap of his fingers, Jackie blows their heads and walks inside. Inside the cathedral, Jackie is met by Kirchner. He asks Kirchner where Elle is and notices that the professor sounds differently. To his shock, he sees the Darkness Creature holding the decapitated Kirchner's head and talking through her.

The creature reveals to be the Elle's newborn. In order to fully become The Darkness host, the Offspring must kill Jackie, so he attacks him. It reveals that The Darkness chose the Estacado line not for their bravery of ruthlessness, but for their hedonism and selfishness. It knew that sooner than later, one of the hosts will spill their dark seed into a Darkness construct.

The two continue to fight, eventually getting outside the cathedral. Jackie then creates a pair of wings and lifts the Offspring into the sky above the clouds. The Offspring then manages to rip off Jackie's wings and prepares to kill him. Before it can do that, the Sun rises and destroys the creature, causing Jackie to fall back to Earth. Jackie survives the fall and is found by two locals who plan to bring him to rebels just after nightfall. Hearing this, Jackie smiles. To be continued...

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