Vol. 3 Issue 3

Phil Hester

  • Dale Keown
  • Michael Broussard
  • Ryan Winn
  • Joe Weems

Matt Milla


Troy Peteri


Rob Levin

Cover by:

Stjepan Šejić


April 2008

Vol. 3 Issue 3 is the third issue of the third The Darkness comic series volume. This issue is the third part of Empire story arc, called Hour of the Witch.

Synopsis Edit

Answers are revealed as writer Phil Hester (DEEP SLEEPER, GREEN ARROW) and Michael Broussard (UNHOLY UNION) are joined by second series artist Dale Keown (THE DARKNESS/PITT) to show us how Jackie and Dr. Kirchner first met. Oh, and Jackie takes on the US Government in the most explosive battle in The Darkness’ history! Strap in – it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

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Plot Summary Edit


The story opens up with Jackie attacking the Apache helicopter. He then remembers how he got into this mess in the first place.

Eight months ago, Jackie was hired to kill Kirchner for owning lots of betting money to mafia. Kirchner reveals that after his debt became unmanageable, he tried to offer his expertise to the mafia. Eventually their patience run out as Kichner didn't had anything to show to them. He then shoots Jackie with an experimental explosive bullet.

Back in present, Jackie manages to crash one of the helicopters. Back in the past, Jackie recovers from the shot. They're then attacked by another crime family and Ukrainians. Kirchner reveals that he borrowed money not from one family, but from three. Jackie begins to like him, but expresses that he will still kill Kirchner after Estacado takes care of the attackers.

Back in the present, Jackie destroys another helicopter much to White's frustration. Back in the past, Jackie kills all the attackers. Kirchner witnessing his powers as his last request asks Jackie to let him study Estacado.

Back in the present, Jackie destroys another helicopter. Back in the past, Kirchner studies Jackie's powers and learns him to better control them.

Back in the present, Marisol urges White to leave, before Jackie takes them down too, but the Major refuses. With the help of his Darklings, Jackie jumps towards the helicopter, but after witnessing Marisol in it, decides to let them go.

Back in the past, Kirchner and Jackie create Nightfall and begin to distribute it. With the drugs help, they take over Sierra Muñoz. Back in the present, Jackie comes back home and orders Kirchner to pull out from the country, before Americans return with more serious equipment. Kirchner refuses, citing that he and Elle are working on special project. Jackie doesn't care and orders Elle to come with him, but she refuses. Not having time for this, Jackie sends Darklings to bring Elle to him, but instead they attack Estacado. To be continued...

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