Vol. 3 Issue 2

Phil Hester


Michael Broussard


Ryan Winn


Matt Milla


Troy Peteri


Rob Levin

Cover by:
  • Dale Keown
  • Stjepan Šejić

February 2008

Vol. 3 Issue 2 is the second issue of the third The Darkness comic series volume. This issue is the second part of Empire story arc, called Eve.

Synopsis Edit

Following the stunning events of the spectacular first issue, writer Phil Hester (Superman: Confidential, Green Arrow) and new talent Michael Broussard (Unholy Union) introduce the sensual and mysterious Eve into the world of The Darkness! And as Jackie takes on the rebels he finds there may be more to them than meets the eye. Will Jackie's time in paradise be short lived?

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Plot Summary Edit


The story opens up with Jackie recalling the tale of Adam and Eve, particularly Eve's creation. With the help of Professor Kirchner, Jackie created a female companion for himself, called Elle. Jackie and Elle spend a night together. Estacado is then woken up by Kirchner who wants to do more experiments on Elle. Elle expresses that she loves Jackie, but doesn't trusts Kirchner. Jackie then changes Elle's face to look more like Marisol's. He then goes to talk with Kirchner.

Kirchner tells that they should focus on tracking down Colonel Sampayo and Marisol, which surprises Jackie. Jackie decides that he will go after Marisol, while Kirchner will go after Sampayo. He then leaves. As Jackie leaves, Elle comes to talk with Kirchner. As Kirchner tries to examine her, Elle tells that she is afraid of him and freaks out. Kirchner uses a voice command to make her docile, revealing that he has been changing Elle behind Jackie's back. He then erases Elle's memory of their conversation.

Meanwhile, Jackie walks the labyrinth in order to reach Darkling holding chambers. The Darklings have become much more obedient and controllable than before. With the couple of them, Jackie goes on a hunt.

Elsewhere, Major White enjoys a meal made by Marisol's mother. White offers his help in taking down Jackie. He then reveals his resources: a couple of Apache helicopters and a small army.

Meanwhile, Jackie tracks down a compound full of heavily armed men. Darklings reveal that among them is Sampayo. Jackie then sends his Darklings to the compound. The Darklings quickly kill all the armed men and retrieve Sampayo. Realizing that Jackie has been drugging his people, Sampayo decided to betray him. Jackie then asks the location of Marisol, but Sampayo refuses. He decides to take Sampayo back to the mansion for interrogation. As they get closer to the mansion they see it to be attacked by Apache helicopters. Sampayo then reveals that they have sold out to Americans in order to take Jackie down. To be continued...

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