Vol. 3 Issue 111

David Hine


John Rauch


Troy Peteri


Matt Hawkins

Cover by:

John Tyler Christopher


March 2013

Vol. 3 Issue 111 is the forty sixth issue of the third The Darkness comic series volume and 111th issue overall. This is the third part of Progeny story arc, that first started in Artifacts Issue 25.

Synopsis Edit

Jackie crafted the world as he saw fit. For the longest time, nobody noticed. As master of the shadows, he knows that he must operate outside of the spotlight if he wants to get what he truly wants. But there are those who know the unbalance Jackie caused. Witchblade bearer Sara Pezzini knows what Jackie stole from her and the time has come for her to make Jackie pay.

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit


Tom Judge and Tilly Grimes arrive at Erewhon to investigate the anomaly, that Aram told them about. The area is surrounded by overgrown foliage and flesh eating plants. As they get closer to the house, Tilly senses that the source of the anomaly is inside of it. When they reach the door, they're attacked by the infected guards. Tom quickly becomes a brimstone warrior and brutally kills them. When they get inside, they find unstable Jenny who plays with her dolls. Hope notice them, but Tom tries to calms her down saying that they won't hurt them. She doesn't believe them and proceeds to attack Tom. The two begin to fight as Tilly tries to approach Jenny.

Meanwhile in the bunker, Jackie hears the commotion above him. Unable to leave the bunker, he convinces Cathead to check if everything is okay to Hope. When he goes to check, Cathead is surprised to see Tom fighting Hope. Cathead then decides to inform the Doppelganger about this. During the fight, Tom kills Hope's kittens, enraging her. Meanwhile, as Tilly touches Jenny she's overwhelmed by all the information and gets a stroke. She then pleads Tom to get her out of here. At this moment, the Doppelganger returns home and attacks Tom. Tom tries to burn him, but it doesn't work as the Doppelganger doesn't have a faith in anything.

Finally the fight is stopped by Jenny who ignores Doppelganger's objections, screams at him to let Tom and Tilly go. The Doppelganger complies and lets them to leave. When they go outside, Tilly reveals that Jenny must die if they don't want the world to rip apart itself. To be continued...

Trivia Edit

  • First appearance of Tom Judge in the The Darkness comics series.
  • First appearance of Tilly Grimes in the The Darkness comics series.
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