Vol. 3 Issue 110
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David Hine


John Rauch


Troy Peteri


Matt Hawkins

Cover by:
  • John Rauch
  • Jeremy Haun

January 2013

Vol. 3 Issue 110 is the forty fifth issue of the third The Darkness comic series volume and 110th issue overall. This is the fifth and final part of Breaking Dark story arc.

Synopsis Edit

There is something terribly, terribly wrong with Jackie Estacado's daughter Hope. But with Jenny's fragile mental state and the empire he created for himself crumbling around him, Jackie has failed to notice that his greatest problem isn't the Bulgarian mob, Aram the Witch King, or the ancient powers he's allowed back into the world - it's Hope!

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit


Not believing what Balakov has said, Hope attacks him. The Doppelganger quickly calms her down as he and Aram wants to find out more about this disturbance created by Jenny's existence. Balakov explains that the world was destroyed and Jackie used her daughter to recreate it as she was the codex of this universe. But differently from the old world in this new world Jenny was not only alive, but also the mother of Hope. Bringing her back to life altered the nature of the universe and caused Ancient Ones portals to open up. Balakov then adds that Hope's real mother was Sara Pezzini. They're then interrupted by Charlotte and Jackie's personal guards who inform the Doppelganger that somebody killed two men from his security team. The Doppelganger says that everything is fine and sends them away. As they leave, Charlotte becomes suspicious of him.

Back in the bedroom, Balakov announces to make an alliance with the Doppelganger as the Ancient Ones are the Darkness ancestors. The Doppelganger asks Aram if he will too join this alliance, but realizes that he already left the room. Aram then appears behind Jackie and confronts him for what he did to the universe. He reveals that because Jenny is a construct, Hope is now pure Darkness. They're then attacked by Balakov and the Doppelganger. Balakov quickly incapacitates Aram, but the latter manages to teleport away. As they have made alliance, Balakov leaves the Doppelganger to clean up the house and decide what to do with Jackie.

The Doppelganger then goes to Charlotte and tells her that they longer need her services. Charlotte protests, but Hope insists that she must leave. Meanwhile in the bunker, surrounded by the Darklings, Jackie pleads for help. With Jenny and Hope now in his care, the Doppelganger announces that because they created this world in the first place, they can do whatever they want with it. As he says this, the garden around the house begins to rot and bugs move into it. To be continued...

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