Vol. 2 Issue 8

Paul Jenkins


Romano Molenaar


"Matt "Batt" Banning

  • Kevin Conrad
  • Joe Weems
  • Rick Basaldua

Matt Milla

  • Robin Spehar
  • Dennis Heisler
  • Mark Roslan

Renae Geerlings

Cover by:
  • Chris Gossett
  • Paul Schrier
  • Matt Milla

April, 2004

Vol. 2 Issue 8 is the eight issue of the second The Darkness comic series volume published from 2002.

Synopsis Edit

After surviving the shoot out at the Penn Station, Jackie Estacado must find a way to dealt with Jake Nightly.

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit


Jackie wakes up now deep beneath the city and its shocked to see the crashed train. Meanwhile, Trigger and Sara watch surveillance tapes trying to find out what happened at Penn Station. Trigger accuses Jackie for the shoot out, but Sara defends him. She reveals that some cops found a stray hiding in a dumpster near the train station. When they squeezed him, he gave Jake Nightly out. Sara insulted by Trigger's accusations of her having feelings for Jackie, leaves the room, before Trigger can apologize.

Elsewhere, Jake's partner offers him to lay low for a while, but Jake responds that he won't do it as this is his town.

Meanwhile, at a strip club Butcher Joyce and Joey talk about how Jackie needs to take care of Jake Nightly, otherwise the senior Chicago mafia bosses will need to step and that would mean their all death.

Later, Joey meets with Jackie at a club. He reveals what they talked about with Butcher, before Jackie senses something suspicious. They run straight to safe house, but Nightly is already there and takes one of the women as hostage. Jackie tries to calm down the woman, but Nightly opens fire on him. He then shoots the hostage straight through the head. Jackie and Nightly lock into a fist fight. Nightly reveals that he raped Jenny's death body. This makes Jackie to go into rage. After a brief fight, Jackie takes the upper hand and aims a gun to Nightly's head, makes him beg for mercy. Nightly answers that its not his style to beg. Before killing Nightly, Jackie proceeds to turn of the lights and declares that he wants to introduce his "friends" to him. To be continued...

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