Vol. 2 Issue 7

Paul Jenkins


Eric Basaldua

  • Matt "Batt" Banning
  • Scot Hanna
  • Rick Basaldua

Matt Milla

  • Robin Spehar
  • Dennis Heisler
  • Mark Roslan

Renae Geerlings

Cover by:
  • Dale Keown (Cover A)
  • Ebas (Cover B)
  • Matt "Batt Banning (Cover B)
  • Matt Milla (Cover B)

March, 2004

Vol. 2 Issue 7 is the seventh issue of the second The Darkness comic series volume published from 2002.

Synopsis Edit

Jackie Estacado is now in control of the Mafia Family affairs, but that won't be easy task as a rival turf is trying to gain some territory.

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit


Jackie visits a local strip club, where one of the strippers, Rita urges him to check something out. When Jackie enters a room, he finds a horrible mutilated bodies. Later, Jackie is questioned by Sara Pezzini about what happened. Jackie explains that he doesn't know what happened to the couple. With no concrete proof that it was Jackie behind the murder, she lets him go.

Elsewhere, Vincenze Xeni is killed by a snipers bullet in a church. The shooter comes to the body, saying to now dead Xeni to send a message to Estacado

Meanwhile, Jackie has a nightmare about Jenny. He later visits the funeral of Vincenze Xeni where Sara Pezzini and her partner are present. Butcher Joyce meets with Jackie, revealing that behind this was Jake Nightly and he wants to meet him.

Later, Jackie meets with Jake at a downtown penn station. Jake declares that his Uncle Frankie owed them and now he does to. He reveals that he wanted to become Frankie's bodyguard, but then Jackie came in and took his place. Jake then begins to repeatedly punch Jackie. Jackie's bodyguards try to interfere, but are quickly killed by a sniper. All hell break loose and a shoot out erupts in station. Jackie pulls out a knife and stabs it into Jakes leg. Jake gets into a car and escapes. As Jackie hides behind a cover, he finds a box with wires sticking out of it. Realizing that its a bomb, darklings dig an escape tunnel for Jackie to hide from explosion, this make a train tunnel to collapse, destroying an ongoing train that was full of passengers. Jackie falls into the tunnel, escaping the blast. To be continued...