Vol. 1 Issue 5

Garth Ennis


Marc Silvestri

  • Marcia Chen
  • Victor Llamas
  • Matt Banning

Steve Firchow


Dennis Heisler


David Wohl

Cover by:
  • Marc Silvestri
  • Steve Firchow
  • Matt Banning

June 1, 1997

Vol. 1 Issue 5 is the fifth issue of the first The Darkness comic series volume published from 1996.

Synopsis Edit

Jackie finds out the truth about his father.

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit


The story opens with Frankie Franchetti recovering in the hospital and enjoying a cigar much to doctor objections. Jackie visits Frankie and asks to tell him the truth about his father. Frankie tells that Jackie's father was Danny Estacado a notorious hitman. He reveals that one day Danny was found dead in a bed with a hooker. Frankie was then visited by Sonatine who pushed him into adopting Jackie with a promise that Estacado will make him mighty.

Meanwhile, at Liberty Island, Jenny and Sonatine watch the conversation between Jackie and Frankie through a pool of water. Jenny blames Sonatine for putting Jackie with mobster and thus making him into a killer. Sonatine reveals that his plan was to ensure that Jackie would become a strong host for Darkness and wouldn't waste his power unlike Danny. Jenny then overhears as Jackie tells that he couldn't have any sexual relationship with her as he sees her as sister. Furious Jenny yells at Sonatine to turn the vision pool off. Wenders then interrupts them saying that the Angelus's Familiar has escaped.

Elsewhere, the Familiar contacts Angelus, but is stopped by Jackie. The Familiar tries to fly away, but her wings are too wet and she walls in the river near a passing boat. She sucked into the boats rotor and is shredded into pieces, much to Angelus horror. Furious Angelus attacks Jackie. Jackie manages to destroy Angelus Warriors and then confronts Angelus herself. Sensing defeat, Angelus blinds Jackie and escapes just as Wenders comes to scene, asking what happened. Jackie after explaining what just happened, creates a darkling named Darkus and puts it into Wenders pants. He then declares that he will be coming to Liberty Island to talk business with Sonatine and if Wender reveals anything to him, Darkus will bite off his genitalia. Jackie then finds Angelus and tells her the name of place where there will have the final showdown.

Meanwhile, Wenders come back to Liberty Island and tells Sonatine what Jackie told him. To be continued...

Trivia Edit

  • Sonatine compares The Darkness to the Force from Star Wars series.
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