Vol. 1 Issue 40
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Paul Jenkins


Dale Keown


Jason Gorder


Matt Nelson

  • Robin Spehar
  • Dennis Heisler

Renae Geerlings

Cover by:
  • Dale Keown
  • Jason Gorder
  • Peter Steigerwald

August, 2001

Vol. 1 Issue 40 is the 40th and last issue of first The Darkness comic series volume published in 2001.

Synopsis Edit

Frankie "Kill-the-children-too" Franchetti goes after Jackie for betraying him.

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit


Jackie, still hiding from Uncle Frankie for turning him in to authorities, is seen smoking in an abandoned warehouse. A tape with "To my Dearest Nephew" written on it is laying on the ground. He recaps his past from Uncle Frankie taking him from the orphanage to him betraying his uncle and getting into witness protection program.

Days before this, Jackie is making a meal when Butcher Joyce visits him and gives a tape from Uncle Frankie. He watches the tape, which shows Frankie shooting Jenny in the head. Broken, Jackie mourns Jenny's death and blames himself. He's then visited by the ghost of his father that reveals Jenny being in hell.

Few days later, Jackie meets with Uncle Frankie and his henchmen in the abandoned warehouse. Frankie questions his motives for betraying him, while Jackie says he did it because "he was a scumbag". Jackie then asks for a cigarette, revealing that the warehouse is full of spilled gasoline. He drops the lighter in the gasoline setting on fire the entire building and killing everyone in it, including himself.

End of Volume 1

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