Vol. 1 Issue 4

Garth Ennis


Marc Silvestri

  • Jeff De Los Santos
  • Matt Banning
  • Victor Llamas
  • Marcia Chen
  • Steve Firchow
  • Tyson Wengler
  • Matt Nelson
  • Greg Hammond
  • Bike Kinzle

Dennis Heisler


David Wohl

Cover by:
  • Matt Banning
  • Steve Firchow
  • Marc Silvestri

May 1, 1997

Vol. 1 Issue 4 is the fourth issue of the first The Darkness comic series volume published from 1996.

Synopsis Edit

Jackie Estacado faces of with The Angelus and tracks down the traitor in Franchetti Mafia.

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit


The Story opens up with The Angelus and its forces attacking Sonatine and Jackie. Sonatine suggests in attacking the Angelus's Familiar. Jackie does that and shoots the Familiar, causing her to fall to the ground much to Angelus horror. Jackie rushes to the Familiar and takes her as a hostage. He then orders Angelus to let them go or else he will slit Familiar's throat. Jackie, Sonatine and Wenders get into the car together with Familiar and escape leaving Angelus behind them screaming in anger.

As they escape, Sonatine orders Wenders to take them to the Liberty Island much to Jackie's objections. Sonatine then reminds him that they still have Jenny. Jackie then asks Sonatine to give him twenty four hours to take care of business and after that he will be his. Sonatine agrees.

Meanwhile, Angelus sends her forces to look all over the city for Familiar declaring that if something happens to it she will burn the city to ashes.

Elsewhere, Jackie goes to look for Eastwood brothers. Jackie finds them and interrogates for the identity of the traitor in the Franchetti Mafia, killing them in the process.

Back on the Liberty Island, Sonatine interrogates Jenny as to why Jackie cares about her so much. He finds about their back story, how they were both orphans at a Saint Gerald's orphanage and how Jackie protected Jenny from harm. Eventually, Frankie Franchetti came to the orphanage and took Jackie with him.

Meanwhile, Jackie visits Vinnie and Frankie Franchetti at the hospital. Jackie then confronts Vinnie, saying that he knows that he betrayed Frankie. Vinnie confirms this, saying that Tommy Marchianni gave him million dollars. Jackie then uses his Darkness powers and throws Vinnie of a roof. Then suddenly Frankie wakes up and Jackie calms him down, now setting his next targets as Angelus and Sonatine. To be continued...

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