Vol. 1 Issue 39
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David Wohl


David Finch


Joe Weems V.


Matt Nelson

  • Robin Spehar
  • Dennis Heisler

Renae Geerlings

Cover by:
  • David Finch
  • Joe Weems V.
  • Matt Nelson

May, 2001

Vol. 1 Issue 39 is the 39th issue of first The Darkness comic series volume published in 1996.

Synopsis Edit

A prosperous kingdom of Gastonia and its ruler Duke Ross III is visited by The Darkness.

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit


The story opens with an old man telling a tale about the Darkness. The tale takes place in the kingdom of Gastonia that in its time was described as perfect by its denizens. That was until Duke Ross III came to reign and hard times came upon the kingdom.

Duke Ross III comes to pub when he's interrupted by an old man. He tells the Duke that a great evil is overtaking the land. Demons visit the land who kill the livestock and destroy their lands. Then their leader comes who can infiltrate even the most fortified cities and level them with his incredibly powerful evil magic. Before Old man can finish talking, the Duke punches him for scaring the folk in the tavern. He then decides to investigate if this talks are true.

The Duke with his men go to nearby farm that was attacked. A farmer tells that the attacker has ran to the woods. With this lead, the Duke and his men go to the forest. They find a darkling and Duke takes him as a pet.

Back in Gastonia, the Duke shows the Darkling to his people and asks the old man is this was the one attacking his kingdom. The Old Man answers that the Darklings master is coming with Darkling confirming this. The Duke and his men begin to laugh thinking he's joking.

Later that night the Darkness host, attacks Gastonia, killing everyone and everything in his path. The Duke blames everything on the Old Man, while the latter says that if the Duke didn't disregarded his people and acted like tyrant, this wouldn't have happened. The Duke is then confronted by the True Evil. It asks the Duke if he knows the names of anyone in his kingdom. Duke can't answer and The True Evil rips off his head. The Darkness then leaves, leaving behind the old man and his grandson alive.

It's then revealed that the old man has been travelling with the captured Darkling and spreading his tale so that others may not share the same fate. The peasants listening to the story take it as a hoax, disbelieving that the "cute little creature" brought about a nations downfall. To be continued...

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