Vol. 1 Issue 36
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Scott Lobdell


Clayton Crain

  • Jonathan Glapion
  • Kevin Conrad
  • Danny Miki
  • Clayton Crain

Matt Nelson

  • Robin Spehar
  • Dennis Heisler

Renae Geerlings

Cover by:
  • Mark Pajarillo
  • Danny Miki
  • Matt Nelson

December, 1996

Vol. 1 Issue 36 is the 36th issue of the first The Darkness comics volume published in 1996. This is the third part of Ripclaw story arc.

Synopsis Edit

To better control the Darkness, Jackie goes on spiritual journey through his life.

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit


Conquistador and Cherub Hostile find the weapon that can return every living soul on Earth to purgatory. Conquistador urges the cherubim to purge the Earth from humanity while regretting his decision to give his soul for the immortality.

Meanwhile, at the beach, Capris contemplates whatever to kill Jackie and take the Darkness for herself in the process betraying Bearclaw or let him live.

In lifescape, Bearclaw and Jackie are on a spiritual journey. They see apparitions of all the women Jackie ever had relationship with, the death of Todd Calabero, and his closest friends Jenny Romano and Butcher Joyce. They then watch the death of Danny Estacado, Jackie's father. Danny corners Jimmy Franchetti and his thugs in alleyway, but before he can kill them, Darkness leaves him and Jimmy with his men finish off Estacado. The two then travel to Jackie's mother and the moment he and his sister were born.

To be continued...

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