Vol. 1 Issue 35
CapussinjRCO001 1468818688

Scott Lobdell


Clayton Crane

  • John Glapion
  • Kevin Conrad
  • Matt Nelson
  • John Starr
  • Robin Spehar
  • Dennis Heisler

Renae Geerlings

Cover by:
  • Mark Pajarillo
  • Danny Miki
  • Matt Nelson

November, 1996

Vol. 1 Issue 35 is the 35th issue of the first The Darkness comic series volume published in 1996.

Synopsis Edit

To stop the rising threat of Cherub Hostile, Robert Bearclaw teaches Jackie how to better control the Darkness.

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit


Conquistador watches as Cherub Hostile dig through the souvenir shop. When they're finished, he jumps into the hole, but not before expressing remorse over the death of Jebediah Honkstein.

Several miles away, Jackie fights Robert Bearclaw. After few blows, Jackie is thrown into a car. Robert then expresses that he needs his help. The fight is interrupted when Jenny arrives at the scene and reveals Bearclaw being her fiancee.

Meanwhile, at the office of federal affairs in West Virginia. Sonatine know in Wenders body orders a police officer to give him information of Jackie's Estacado whereabouts, only to reveal that the officer is a demon. He then pulls a gun on the demon and orders him again.

Back on the beach, Jackie tries to accustom to the revelation. Bearclaw reveals that only Jackie can stop the threat of Cherub Hostile, but he's not prepared. After some consideration, Jackie agrees to help him in order to learn more about how to control the Darkness. They both sit near a campfire and travel to ethereal plane while Capris Castiglione keeps watch over their bodies. To be continued...