Vol. 1 Issue 33

Scott Lobdell


Brian Ching

  • Billy Tan
  • Victor Llamas

Matt Nelson

  • Dennis Heisler
  • Robin Spehar

Renae Geerlings


August 1, 2000

Vol. 1 Issue 33 is the 33rd issue of first The Darkness comic series volume published in 1996.

Synopsis Edit

Sometimes you can learn more about a person by hanging out with that person's sister. Family, as they say, is everything. This two part story (by Scott Lobdell and guest penciler Brian Ching) explores The Darkness from a a whole different angle, as we get to learn about the past of Jackie's twin sister, Capris Castaglione. For all those fans who have been following the exploits of Mr. Estacado -- you might be surprised to discover he's the good twin! (Both this issue and the next set up for the extended story arc starting in Darkness #35 -- featuring the return of Ripclaw!)

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit


The story opens up with Capris mourning her dead friend Blair, which she killed by accident. She swims naked in the schools fountain and Father Brendan, comes and gets her out of the pool. He tells that eventually, Capris will feel better.

Elsewhere, in remote mansion up the mountains in Alaska, bodyguards discuss about rumours of a stripper killing mobsters in Anchorage strip club. One of the guards thinks its nonsense and then Capris appears.

Five year prior these events, Capris together with Father Brendan go into her dead friends room. She finds Blair diary and three tapes. They watch contents one of the tapes and see Blair having sexual intercourse with a man. Capris recognizes the man.

Back in present times, bodyguards find Capris footprints that abruptly end.

Back in the past, Father Brendan praises Capris for turning over the tapes to Sheriff Olsen and revealing that janitor Hank took advantages on Blair. Their talk is interrupted by Sheriff Olsen who says that they will not pursue the janitor with charges much to Father Brendan oppositions.

Back in present, Capris deals with bodyguards by engulfing them with shadows.

Back in the past, Capris takes care of Father Brendan who is suffering from an illness. Before dying he reveals, that Capris has a brother, Jackie Estacado and about The Darkness.

Back in present, Capris faces of a man who's revealed to be Sherrif Olsen. He killed Blair and tried to cover up the sex tapes in order to cover his illegal porn operation. She then kills him splitting his head. Then Ripclaw comes out of the shadows, revealing that he has been teaching her how to take control of her powers. Ripclaw then invites her back to resume training. To be continued...

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