Vol. 1 Issue 32

Scott Lobdell


Brian Ching

  • Billy Tan
  • Marlo Alquiza
  • Victor Llamas
  • Matt Nelson
  • Steve Firchow
  • Robin Spehar
  • Dennis Heisler

Renae Geerlings

Cover by:
  • David Finch (cover B)
  • Matt Nelson (cover A-B)
  • Victor Llamas (cover A)
  • Brian Ching (cover A)
  • Jason Gorder (cover B)

July 1, 2000

Vol. 1 Issue 32 is the 32nd issue of first The Darkness comic series volume published in 1996.

Synopsis Edit

Who is it that has a nastier mean streak than Jackie? Who can make the most formidable of men wet their pants? Who looks like a vision of heaven but acts like a creature from hell? Her name is Capris, the one and only sister of Jackie Estacado, and she's out for blood! Learn how one of the most innocent of young girls became a one woman wrecking machine and how the sister of The Darkness prepared for her "Dark Days Ahead".

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Plot Summary Edit


The story opens up with Capris Castiglione dancing in a strip club located in Alaska city Anchorage under the name of Tiffany, entertaining a group of mobsters who try to sell a sextape. Two strippers get jealous of Capris getting all the attention from the clubs owner. The clubs owner calls in Capris to dance for his business partner. She then reaches into his pants and pulls out his guns. Capris immediately shoots the clubs owner and then opens fire on the mobsters. A fight ensues between her and the mobsters. Capris manages to kill most of them, but one of them gets behind her and points his shotgun at her head. She uses her Darkness powers to direct the gunshot into the mobster, killing him. Capris then destroys the tape.

Then suddenly the club bodyguards run through a wall into the club with a car. They try to run her over, but Capris pukes out shadows that swallow the car and teleport it through the ceiling into the ground, killing the bodyguards. The two strippers are amazed by Capris powers. Capris then leaves the club as it explodes. She then lays in snow and recalling how she became what she is today.

Five years ago, Capris was a senior at a catholic school with her friend Blair Dray. Later she meets with Father Brendan, expressing her doubts being ready to leave the school. Brendan calms her saying that she's been ready from the moment she arrived and that he is proud of playing a small part in the life of her. Capris goes back to her room and Father Brendan suddenly hears a scream. As he comes to Capris room he sees herholding a dead body of Blair. To be continued...

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