Vol. 1 Issue 30

Scott Lobdell


Clarence Lansang

  • Victor Llamas
  • Chris Liu
  • Steve Firchow
  • Tyson Wengler
  • Matt Nelson

Dennis Heisler


Renae Geerlings

Cover by:
  • Clarence Lansang
  • Victor Llamas
  • Matt Nelson

April 1, 2000

Vol. 1 Issue 30 is the 30th issue of the second The Darkness comic series volume published from 2002.

Synopsis Edit

It's "High Noon" part two as Jackie's hot on the trail of the gunmen who kidnapped young Carter! He's going to need the full power of The Darkness if he is to save him though because the welcoming party he's about to receive wants to introduce Jackie to his maker! Plus, more light is shed on Jackie's past and The Darklings enjoy an ambulance ride which you will not soon forget!

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit


The story opens up with Jackie remembering his old days at the orphanage and Father Brendan who took care of him. Back at the airport, Jackie sends three Darklings with one of the gunmen who survived the shootout. Jackie ponders why did the gunmen took Carter and together with Maxim decide to take Kamala home. As she gets into the car, Jackie pulls a gun on her threatening to kill her if she doesn't tell why did the gunmen took Kamala's kid. Maxim goes ballistic and pulls out a gun on Jackie questioning his motives. Kamala calms them down, revealing that its was his father, Jarlos Alverez also known as Slay who took Carter. She tells her story how she fell in love with him and eventually decided to take Carter with herself away from Slay in order to ensure piece for him. Unfortunately, Slay found them and forced Kamala to bring a shipment of drugs with herself through the airport. Slay then kidnapped Carter as an insurance that he will get his drugs. Kamala then begs them to find his son. Maxim questions Jackie as to how he's going to find him.

Meanwhile, Darklings throw out the driver out of the ambulance carrying the wounded gunmen and then interrogate him for the location of the boy.

Jackie and Maxim go to the docks where Carter should be held according to the gunmen. Maxim tries to stop Jackie, but Darklings put him to sleep by using chloroform. Then Jackie sneak into the warehouse, while gunmen watch him through the camera's. Jackie is then interrupted by Darklings who reveal that it's already sunrise as they begin to disappear. To be continued...

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