Vol. 1 Issue 3

Garth Ennis


Marc Silvestri

  • Marcia Chen
  • Victor Llamas
  • Nathan Cabrera
  • Matt Banning
  • Jeff De Los Santos
  • Jose Guillen
  • Matt Nelson
  • Steve Firchow

Dennis Heisler


David Wohl

Cover by:
  • Steve Firchow
  • Matt Banning
  • Marc Silvestri

March 1, 1997

Vol. 1 Issue 3 is the third issue of the first The Darkness comic series volume published from 1996.

Synopsis Edit

Sonatine confronts Jackie with the fact that he can no longer have sex.

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit


Sonatine and the Brotherhood of The Darkness kidnap Jenny. A man tries to stop them, but Sonatine rewrites his memory. They take picture of Jenny and take her to the Liberty Island. Sonatine then goes after Jackie in order to stop him from having sexual intercourse with a woman, otherwise he will die in an hour.

Elsewhere, Jackie brings the woman in yellow dress to his apartment. As they begin to undress, Jackie hears something in the bathroom and goes to check out. He finds Butcher Joyce cleaning up the corpses.

Meanwhile, Sonatine and Brotherhood of The Darkness surround Jackie's apartment. Back at the apartment, Jackie questions Butcher as to what he's doing here to which he answers that Vinnie called him in. Jackie then notices some inaccuracies with Vinnie's story of how Frankie Franchetti was wounded. He then asks him keep quite and goes back to the girl. Then suddenly, Sonatine and Brotherhood of Darkness break into the room. Jackie frustrated, unleashes the Darkness on them, but Sonatine reveals that if he impregnates a woman, he will die. Jackie then releases them. Hearing the noise, Butcher comes to check out what's going on, but after seeing what is happening in the room, quickly goes back to the bathroom.

Brotherhood then takes away the girl, which is revealed to be the agent of Angelus to an elevator. Under orders of Angelus, she reveals her true form and kills everyone in the elevator.

Back in the apartment, Jackie is struggling with the thought that he will never be able to have sexual intercourse. Wenders hears the elevator coming up and checks on their men, only to find them all dead. He quickly runs back into apartment and warns Sonatine and Jackie that an Angelus warrior is here. Much to Sonatine's horror, Jackie decides to let the warrior kill him as he sees no meaning in life if he can't be with women sexually. Sonatine shouts that he can have sexual intercourse, but not with mortal women. After hearing this, Jackie stops Angelus warrior and then kills it. Jackie then demands Sonatine to reveal how he could create women for himself, otherwise he will kill all of them. Sonatine then reveals that he has Jenny. Powerless Jackie follows Sonatine.

Elsewhere, Angelus hears Sonatine plans and sends Angelus's Familiar after them.

Meanwhile, Sonatine brings Jackie to a plain field during day. He then declares that Jackie will do his bidding otherwise Sonatine will kill Jenny. Suddenly, Angelus followed by her warriors attack them. To be continued...

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