Vol. 1 Issue 2

Garth Ennis


Marc Silvestri

  • Aaron Sowd
  • Matt Banning

Steve Firchow

  • Dennis Heisler
  • Robin Spehar

David Wohl

Cover by:
  • Steve Firchow
  • Matt Banning

January 1, 1997

Vol. 1 Issue 2 is the second issue of the first The Darkness comic series volume published from 1998.

Synopsis Edit

Jackie unravels the secrets of his new found power.

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit


The issue begins with Jenny Romano waking up Jackie, who finds himself sleeping in the garbage at the back of the bar where Jenny works at. He comes inside and is offered coffee, but soon starts seeing a Darkling on his drink's reflection and walks out of the bar desperately. Sonatine is seen at this time planning to meet Jackie Estacado, as his first attempt to do so was foiled. Uncle Frankie is in the hospital, recovering from the attack last issue where Jackie observes him, before pondering going to liberty due to what one of the members of the Brotherhood of Darkness told him after the attack. He arrives in the island and is rendered unconscious by the Brotherhood, who then bring him to their underground base. The leader, Sonatine introduces himself to Jackie and explains some of the story behind The Darkness and The Angelus. Sonatine wants to use Jackie for the Brotherhood, however Jackie refuses this offer and a physical altercation ensues, which Jackie easily wins.

Back at the bar Jackie is seen with Jenny drinking and soon picks up a woman who he brings home in a cab. Sonatine then arrives in the bar a moment too late and when he finds out what happens from Jenny, he wants to stop Jackie from going home with the woman as soon as he can. To be continued...

Trivia Edit

  • Jenny mentions Chewbacca the Wookie from Star Wars series.
  • First time mention of Miguel Estacado.
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