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The Darkness

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Al Brown

"Jesus Christ, we been earners for this family for more years than I care to remember an' now this?"
Vinny to Jackie regarding the Franchetti's. [src]

Vinny Mortarello is a side character in The Darkness.

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The Darkness Edit

Jackie encounters Vinny on Fulton St. subway station after visiting Aunt Sarah for the first time. Vinny is furious that Paulie has given gangsters from West Coast to do all the meaningful labor. In order to fix this, Vinny gives five hits to Jackie to kill.

The first one is to take care of someone that's stalking Jackie's Aunt Sarah. The second one is to take care another guy, a Chicago family goon on Grinder's Lane. The third hit is another punk on Raspberry Street in Lower East Side. The fourth hit is on a guy in Chinatown. Vinny's fifth hit is found at Gun Hill, which is convenient as Gun Hill is where the main quest continues. After completing hits Vinny will give a collectible phone number as a reward.

Later, after Jackie takes control over the Darkness, Vinny is shocked to see him alive as everyone thought, that he has died in the explosion in the Trinity Church. He reveals that the Chicago boys are considering pulling the plug on Paulie's operations. Jackie then says, that Eddie Shrote mentioned something about "Mother of God" and asks Vinny is he knows what that means. Unfortunately, Vinny can't tell him what it means, but reveals, that Butcher Joyce, who's at Aunt Sarah's apartment, might know something about this.


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