Vinnie Palmieri
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Vol. 1 Issue 1

"Friends only counts when we ain't doin' business an' we're always doin' business."
Vinnie to Jackie Estacado [src]

Vinnie Palmieri is a character, appearing in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Vinnie Palmieri was a loyal member of Franchetti Mafia, having been friends with Jackie and Frankie for many years.

Feud with Marchianni Edit

Vinnie meets with Jackie as Uncle Frankie is busy problems he's having with some of his competitors. Vinnie reveals that the man Jackie killed last night was just ten days away from marrying Tommy Marchianni's daughter. After some ones gives out Joey Finnegan to Thomas Marchianni, Frankie Franchetti begins to look for a rat in his organisation. Jackie Estacado notices Mo extremely sweating and decides that he might have something to do with this. Mo explains that it's because of his weight his sweating.

Suddenly a grenade is thrown inside the room and Jackie throws Mo on it in order to save themselves. Mo absorbs the blast of the grenade saving everyone else in the room. He reveals that he didn't rat out Finnegan to Marchianni and says that he doesn't hold a grudge on Jackie as Mo dies.

Setting up Frankie Edit

At some point Tommy Marchianni approached Vinnie and offered one million dollars if he set up the murder of Frankie. He hired brothers Eastwoods to do the job and sent Frankie's bodyguards on a break so no one would protect him.

After Frankie is critically wounded, Vinnie meets with Jackie in the hospital. Vinnie pretends not knowing who shot Frankie. Jackie then asks him with the help of cleaning his bathroom where he killed Angelus Warriors. Vinnie decides to call Butcher Joyce to do this.

Confrontation with Jackie Edit

After he finds the truth behind shooter, Jackie visits Vinnie and Frankie Franchetti at the hospital. Jackie then confronts Vinnie, saying that he knows that he betrayed Frankie. Vinnie confirms this, saying that Tommy Marchianni gave him million dollars. Jackie then uses his Darkness powers and throws Vinnie off a roof.

Personality Edit

While at surface Vinnie looked like a loyal and good friend of Frankie Franchetti, in reality he was a cunning mobster that always looked for himself. Being in the mafia, he saw no one as a friend and was even willing to betray Frankie for money.

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