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Vinnie (Former Client)



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The Darkness II

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Anastasia Baranova

"Hi there, baby. You looking for a good time?"
Venus after Jackie approaches her. [src]

Venus is a prostitute working in the Brotherhood brothel that appears in The Darkness II.

Biography Edit

Early History Edit

Not much is known about her past besides that she was working as a prostitute in a brothel called Brimstone Club owned by Brotherhood for some time. There she met Vinnie eventually becoming "friends".

The Darkness II Edit

After Jackie comes to the Brimstone Club, Venus takes Jackie to an elevator. In there she tells Jackie, that she hid Vinnie's gun in her room. She also pleads Jackie to not rat her out to the Brotherhood as if they found out about her involvement, they will surely kill her.

Inside her room, Venus hands Jackie, Vinnie's gun and tells him, that the Brotherhood has closed off the top two floors. At first they figured, that they were just filming pornographic movies, but then one of the girls, Chantelle went to see Victor Valente on the third floor and never comes back. Venus then tells Jackie to go find Brotherhood and their leader, Victor Valente and kill them all.

Unfortunately, Jackie fails to kill Victor and the Brotherhood proceeds to torture and kill Venus for her betrayal.

Institution Edit

Venus appears in the Institution as one of the nurses working there and is called simply as nurse. She reminds Jackie to take his medication and that he has missed bath time again this week and generally shows displeasure being in the presence of him.

Personality Edit

Although fearful for her own life, knowing all too well what would happen to her if Brotherhood find out about her betrayal, Venus was still willing to help Jackie kill the Brotherhood. This act of defiance, seems to be primary inspired by disappearance of another hooker, Chantelle after she goes to see Victor.

Trivia Edit

  • Venus has a rose, tattooed on the back of her right shoulder.


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