Vendettas is a co-op storyline mode for up to four players in The Darkness II.

Overview Edit

The story runs parallel with the main single player game. Each of the four assassins have powers and abilities similar to The Darkness. In addition, each of the four hired guns have a unique weapon at their disposal. After the hit at the restaurant, at the beginning of the game, Jackie Estacado orders Vinnie to finds Johnny Powell. Vinnie responds by saying he'll get the new guys to go fetch him; the new guys being the Vendetta assassins. Once Johnny Powell is found, the hitmen mostly take their orders from either Johnny or Vinnie. The four Darkness Assassins go through a variety of missions and tasks ultimately fighting the Brotherhood, attempting to retrieve the Spear Of Destiny, and fighting a Hell Beast.

There are two modes of play during Vendettas:

Vendettas Campaign - The campaign occurs parallel with the main story campaign. Select the Darkness Assassin you wish to play as and than listen to Vinnie give your first mission of rescuing Johnny Powell. All Dark Essence earn during the campaign carries over to Hit List mode, and vice-versa.

Hit List - The Hit List mode is similar to campaign mode but each level is played individually, allowing you to swap between different hitman at anytime. There are 18 Hit List missions split across 6 locations. Some of these missions are available immediately, while some must be unlocked through the Vendettas campaign, completing other Hit List missions, or by playing cooperatively online.


There are four unique characters to be chosen from each with their own personal arsenal of Darkness powers:

Inugami, a young samurai who wields a cursed Darkness sword to fight evil and avenge his murdered family.

Shoshanna, a former Mossad agent- an ultra-efficient and highly trained agent who wields a mystical Darkness gun.

Jimmy Wilson, a drunken Scottish Darkness axe wielder who loves to drink and hates the English.

JP Dumond, a creole descendant who was once a respectable doctor now turned Voodoo doctor who commands a Darkness cudgel.

Hit List Missions Edit

  • Enter The Gauntlet -

Chapters Edit

Vendettas Chapters
Here's JohnnyStop the PressDead-End JobNo Brothers of MineHostile TakeoverA Real Rain Has ComeForced EntrySins of the Brothers


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