The Vatican

The Vatican is the heart of Catholicism and a powerful religious and political organization located in Vatican City in Rome, Italy. In the Comics The Vatican is seen by the public as a benevolent and holy group, but The Vatican also has many world-dominating ambitions as well as arcane knowledge regarding the existance of the supernatural, which they have hid from the world for their own gain and to keep the public in the dark.

They are the protecters and trainers of The Magdalena and are known to have sent her against The Darkness many times in the past.

Activities[edit | edit source]

The Vatican maintains a neutral stance in modern times, though they continue their fanatical agenda to purify the world for God, regardless of Earthly law and rule.

In ancient times, The Vatican have been involved in Witch burnings, Vampire and Werewolf hunts, Demon exorsizing, ect.

In modern times, certain sub-factions within The Vatican discreetly employ these supernatural creatures for their own ends.

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