Vasily Martynov
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Arvo (Affiliate)

  • Human Trafficker
  • Stolen Art Collector
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Vol. 3 Issue 85

"Oh, what I can buy with a million dollars. Your precious little heads would spin."
Vasily Martynov to Regis Tyne. [src]

Vasily Martynov is a human trafficker appearing in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

At some point Vasily met with Arvo who offers him unimaginable power if he helps him. Vasily agrees and helps Arvo to build an infernal machine in New Jersey under his mansion, that can syphon the energy of mystical creatures into them. With this power Vasily builts a little empire out of human trafficking, especially children with some of them even working in his kitchen. With all his accumulated health, he becomes the biggest buyer of stolen art. Eventually, Vasily buys a statue of the Sovereign stolen from Turkey.

Some time later, Vasily contacts with Dev Ravada who is working in Jackie Estacado's team. He offers him great sums of money if he can lure Jackie into his mansion. Dev agrees and in return Vasily rents him a private island, where he will be able to hide from Jackie's team.

Alkonost Edit

At the Vasily's mansion, the art collector greets them and has a dinner with the team. Jackie dislikes Vasily, but is more interest in his bodyguard Arvo. Martynov calms Jackie down by saying that Argo is deaf and only focuses on the biggest threats he sees. Argo is then sent to prepare the statue. Meanwhile, Jackie goes to a restroom.

As Jackie's team reach the plane, they're stopped by Vasily who has betrayed them. He reveals that he wasn't selling the statue, but buying their boss. Dev reveals to have betrayed the team and sold out to Martynov months ago, setting this all up in order to trap Jackie. They then seize the team's guns and personal belongings. As Dev leaves, Kim promises to kill him for what he did.

When Vasily comes back home, he expresses his worries about Jackie to Arvo, claiming the he seems much more dangerous than his previous victims. Arvo calms him down, saying that Jackie wields the power of The Darkness that rivals the Alkonost herself. With his power in their hands, Vasily will be able to rule the world, while Arvo will rule the next.

After the Alkonost is freed, she breaks through Vasily's home and leaves. He's shocked to see all his treasures destroyed. Jackie's team then arrives, claiming to have freed all the kids he had imprisoned. Vasily tries to put all the blame on Arvo, but Kim doesn't listen and instead shoots him in the head.

Personality Edit

Vasily is overconfident and enjoys his life as a wealthy man. He's especially proud of his stolen art collection and would highlight it to any guests that come visit him. Vasily also had no problems with trafficking young children or even turning them into servants who work in his home.

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