Trinity: Blood on the Sands

Philip W. Smith II

  • Sheldon Mitchell
  • Tom Grindberg
  • Joe Weems
  • Tom Grindberg

Arif Prianto


Troy Peteri


Rob Levin

Cover by:

Stjepan Šejić


July 1, 2009

The first issue of Trinity: Blood on the Sands depicts the exploits of the Darkness, Angelus and the Witchblade during the 14th Century. Intended as a background story, Blood on the Sands takes place in Saudi Arabia in and around the Arabian Desert. Thus far, only one issue was published.

Synopsis Edit

A tale starring Witchblade, The Darkness, and The Angelus pulled from the sands of time surfaces in June!

Set in 13th Century Arabia, Blood on the Sands tells the tale of three different bearers of the Top Cow Universe’s Trinity. In the harsh environment of the Arabian desert a pair of sisters struggle with the burden of the Witchblade, while a Darkness lord seeks to corrupt an inexperienced bearer of the Angelus. Brought to you by newcomer Philip W. Smith (The Gelding) and the artistic talents of Sheldon Mitchell (Witchblade Annual), Admira Wijaya (Hercules) and Tom Grindberg (Teen Titans, The Outsiders).

Characters Edit

  • Idris
  • Abdul Salaam
  • Amani
  • Amali

Plot Summary Edit

To be added

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