The Thorn Bed is a special iron maiden created to trap and hold a Darkness host. It appears in The Darkness II.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Nothing is known about the relics past, besides the fact that at some point it fell into the hands of the Brotherhood.

The Darkness II Edit

The Thorn Bed was brought to Hellgate Field and placed at the end of Castle of Horrors ride. When Jackie approaches the iron maiden and opens it, Victor Valente uses the Siphon to push him into it. Victor then promptly closed the doors of the Thorn Bed and brought trapped Jackie to his former home.

There the Brotherhood proceeded to take the Darkness from Jackie. After this, they put the Thorn Bed with Jackie still in it, into fire. Before he can burn alive, the Darkling frees Jackie from his confinement. The Thorn Bed is then left alone to burn in the fire.

Capabilities Edit

The Thorn Bed can trap and hold a Darkness host indefinitely. The host himself can't escape from the iron maiden without outside help. When Jackie got trapped inside the Thorn Bed, he was freed only with the help of the Darkling.

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