The Nameless One
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Vol. 1 Issue 26

"I had never mentioned my prey by name. Clearly, this guy was the genuine article."
Carla Denton regarding The Nameless One. [src]

The Nameless One is a character appearing in The Darkness comic series.

Biography Edit

Carla Denton's Visit Edit

In order to find out more about Jackie Estacado's powers and how to kill him, Carla Denton visited The Nameless One in India. When The Nameless One meets with Denton, he reveals about the existence of Angelus, The Darkness and Witchblade. He says that Jackie is the current host of The Darkness.

After Denton asks for a way to kill him, The Nameless One tells about a race of beings known as Necrobi, who are the natural enemies of The Darkness. The beings live off the sexual energies of humans and with each encounter of the flesh they become stronger. The Nameless One then tells Denton that for the sake of her eternal soul, she should pray that they would refuse to help her.

Personality Edit

The Nameless One is incredible wise and knew a lot about the supernatural world, including The Darkness. According to Denton's sources, The Nameless One has lived for over hundred years.

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