The Darkness: Wanted Dead
2715920-the darkness wanted dead 1 2003

Frank Tieri


Mark Texeira


Chaz Riggs


Matt Milla

  • Robin Spehar
  • Dennis Heisler
  • Martin Barnes

Renae Geerlings


August 1, 2003

The Darkness: Wanted Dead is a one-shot comic book issue published by Top Cow Productions.

Synopsis Edit

Darkness bearer Jackie Estacado betrayed his Mafia roots and ratted out his bosses. So what happens when a grizzled mob veteran takes it upon himself to get revenge by placing a million-dollar bounty on Jackie's head? Find out in this special Darkness one- shot written by two-fisted goomba and underworld expert (don't ask) Frank Tieri (Wolverine)!

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit

Dominic "The Quiet Don" Alberto in retaliation of Jackie ratting out the mobsters, puts a million dollar bounty to whoever manages to kill him.

Elsewhere, after finding out about the bounty a pair of special agents are tasked with guarding mob informant, Jackie Estacado, little realizing that Jackie has supernatural resources that allow him to take care of himself pretty handily.

Eventually, Jackie tracks down the Don and attacks his house. Jackie manages to kill most of his men and then shoots the Don into the head with a gun made out of the Darkness.

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