The Darkness/Superman Issue 2

Ron Marz


Tyler Kirkham


Matt Banning


John Starr

  • Dennis Heisler
  • Dreamer Design
  • Robin Spehar
Cover by:
  • Marc Silvestri
  • Tyler Kirkham
  • John Starr
  • Matt Banning

February 1, 2005

The Darkness/Superman Issue 2 is the second issue of two part crossover comic between Top Cow and DC Comics.

Synopsis Edit

MOB MAYHEM AND THE MAN OF STEEL! Jackie Estacado and the Darkness have invaded Metropolis with the intention of taking over organized crime in the city. As Lois Lane's life hangs in the balance, Jackie makes Superman an offer he can't refuse. Can the Man of Steel compromise his principles to save Lois? And just who will walk away from the explosive confrontation? This special co-published with DC Comics features the writing talents of Ron Marz (The Darkness, Green Lantern) and the artistic stylings of Tyler Kirkham (Strykeforce, The Gift), with a "jam" cover by Kirkham and Marc Silvestri!

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit


Superman is weakened by Metallo kryptonite heart. Jackie decides to stay back while Grasso and Metallo with Lois Lane escape. Butcher questions Jackie's to take no actions, but Jackie answers that he got a plan. Superman recovers and grabs Jackie by the throat. Jackie makes an offer to Superman to save Lois Lane in order for him to reconsider his earlier offer. Superman is reluctant at first, but ultimately gives him two hours to save her.

At Grasso manson, Lois is held hostage. Metallo creates a plan to use Superman to take care of Jackie. Grasso is skeptical at first, but Metallo eventually convinces him.

Outside the manson, Jackie and Butcher are watching the crew. Jackie decides to go in and uses Darklings to break the fuse box and turn off the lights in the house.

At the manson, Grasso and his men are waiting for Superman to show up when suddenly lights switch off in the house. Jackie appears out of darkness and immobilizes Grasso and his crew. Suddenly, Metallo attacks Jackie from the back with his hand held gatling gun. Jackie then uses his darklings to take him apart. Immobilizing Metallo curses Jackie, but he ignores him and goes to Lois. Jackie introduces to Lois to, which in return she punches him in the chin.

At the Daily Planet, Superman is waiting for Jackie. Jackie returns Lois Lane to him and asks him to reconsider his earlier offer. Superman again denies the offer and the fights between them ensues. Jackie creates a darkling dragon and tries to eat him alive. One of the darklings warns Jackie about sun coming up and he decides to find someplace dark to hide for the day. Suddenly, Superman destroys the darkling dragon and as the sun rises, saves Jackie. Jackie accepting his loss, accepts to leave Metropolis for the good.

At the Daily Planet, Lois tells Superman that someone killed Grasso and his entire crew, wiping out organize crime in the metropolis.

It's revealed that it was Butcher and Jackie leaves the Metropolis for now.


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