Tales of The Darkness: Issue 3

Malachy Coney

  • Clarence Lansang
  • Cedric Nocon
  • Victor Llamas
  • Joe Weems V.
  • Marlo Alquiza
  • Jason Gorder
  • Edwin Rosell
  • Tyson Wengler
  • Matt Nelson
  • Steven J. Buccellato
  • Brian Buccellato
  • Frank D'armata

Dennis Heisler


David Wohl

Cover by:
  • Clarence Lansang
  • Victor Llamas
  • Matt Nelson

August, 1998

Tales of The Darkness: Issue 3 is the third and the fourth one overall issue of five part The Darkness comic series that focus on other Darkness hosts.

Synopsis Edit

Sonatine returns to his old headquarters. The story of another Darkness host is revealed.

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit

The story opens with Sonatine sailing past the Statue of Liberty and remembering how he and his brotherhood was driven out of there. Meanwhile, under the the statue, Professor Maximillion Avery and his helper Alexandre Quartermaine, inspect the Brotherhood of Darkness headquarters. Quartermaine looks around the place and finds a chest full of gold, jewels and a strange dagger. As she tells Professor Avery about her discovery, Sonatine and his men come into the headquarters and apprehend them. Sonatine then asks Quartermaine to give him the dagger. She gives him the dagger and Sonatine throws it at one of his men killing them, expressing that he's not looking for this thing tonight. Instead he goes to the chest and takes the The Lost Manuscript of Miguel De Cervantes. He then begins to read the book, revealing that after he finishes reading it, Quartermaine and Avery will die.

During 1400s the sovereigns of Spain, Ferdinand and Isabella began inquisition. The inquisition persecuted people that had belief in other religions killing them, burning their homes and seizing their belongings. Many years later Cervantes and his trusty side-kick Sancho Pansa are wandering the plains of La Mancha. They come across a small village where Cervantes stops a woman from beating her serving girl Bernadette for sleeping with a gypsy boy. Cervantes then asks for a place to sleep, but all rooms are reserved for Papal delegation. After some persuasion from Sancho, the women lets them sleep in the stables.

The men relax in the stables, when Cervantes notices someone else in the stables with them. He calls him out to show himself. Suddenly, a man falls through the roof. Cervantes quickly subdues him and asks him to give him one reason why he shouldn't slit his throat. The man reveals to be Michaelangelo Estacado. To be continued...

Trivia Edit

  • Alexandre Quartermaine mentions Lara Croft.
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