Spear of Destiny (Game)
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The Darkness II

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One of the 13 Artifacts, the Spear of Destiny has the power of foresight and wielding it, one can destroy demons and beings of a magical nature.

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In The Darkness II game the spear appears in the Vendettas campaign. After finding Johnny Powell another mission is given to the assassins, to find the Spear of Destiny. After defeating many Brotherhood members, assassins finally confront David Graves who impales himself with the spear and becomes the Hell Beast. After defeating him, assassins finally retrieve the spear and end their mission. Vinnie later informs the Vendettas, that the spear is now in the possession of Powell whose been searching for a way to destroy it.


In both comics and games series the Spear of Destiny possesses power to kill any being, supernatural or not, it pierces through. Its also one of the two weapons, the first being the Siphon, that can permanently kill a Darkness host. According to Powell, in the hard of the Brotherhood, the spear could act as a conduit for essence, letting them to channel Darkness into people, objects or places. This ability is seen when Graves impales himself with the Spear of Destiny, which vastly amplifies his Darkness powers, turning him into a Hell Beast.