Sierra Muñoz

Central America

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"The Devil rules Sierra Muñoz."
A narration describing Sierra Muñoz. [src]

The Central American country of Sierra Muñoz is a small province with a long history of corrupt government oversight. Suffering from despotic rulers, the economy of Sierra Muñoz was a ripe opportunity for Jackie Estacado and Professor Kirchner to distribute their Nightfall drugs.

The country's capital is Brecca, a small town encompassed by a large jungle. Over the years, an underground resistance militia was founded by Marisol Yanez and Colonel Sampayo in order to overthrow their despotic governors. After Jackie took over, he became their latest priority.

History Edit

Empire Edit

After introduction of Nightfall in Sierra Muñoz, more than half of country's populace become addicted to the drug. Because of this the resistance tries to assassinate Jackie. After a few failed assassination attempts even with the help of US government, Jackie is finally dethroned by Kirchner. In the end, the resistance forces led by Colonel Sampayo take over Brecca and seem to establish their control of the country. As Marisol never brings back the cure to Nightfall back to the resistance, its implied that vast Sierra Muñoz population are still addicts.

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