Sheriff Olsen
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Vol. 1 Issue 33

"Remember? You killed her to cover your illegal porn operation. Thought you said you were just trying to save the town a little embarrassment."
Robert Bearclaw to Sheriff Olsen. [src]

Sheriff Olsen is a dirty sheriff appearing in The Darkness comic series.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Sheriff Olsen was a dirty sheriff who ran illegal pornography ring. He created and distributed pornography all over America, including Anchorage, Alaska. Olsen would use young girls like Blair Dray. After Blair hides video tape depicting Brooke and a public figure, Olsen himself having sex. Because of this Sheriff Olsen decides to kill her.

Blair Dray Murder Edit

Sheriff Olsen puts the blame of the murder of Blair on a janitor. He decides to not pursue the janitor with charges much to Father Brendan oppositions. The Sheriff explained that this would only cause an unwanted scandal to their quite community.

Revenge Edit

After finding out the identity of the man in the tape and the possible killer of Blair, Capris Castiglione went after everyone who had something to do with these tapes. After killing the producer and distributor, Sheriff Olsen himself was visited by Capris and Robert Bearclaw. By putting Darkness tendrils through Sheriff's nostrils, Capris ripped his internal organ through his nose, instantly killing Olsen.

Personality Edit

Sheriff Olsen is a dirty sheriff and a perverted man, who profited from illegal pornography, depicting him and under-age girl. He was willing to do anything to cover up his illegal work, even killing.

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