Scourge of Gastonia
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Vol. 1 Issue 39

"Toothpick? Didn't think so. What good're you anyway?"
Scourge of Gastonio to Duke Ross III. [src]

The Scourge of Gastonia is a unique Darkling appearing in The Darkness comic series.

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Gastonia Edit

The Darkling came to Gastonia and killed a farmers sheep. He then went to the forest and ate part of it. Eventually, he's tracked down by Duke Ross III. The Darkling upon seeing him asks for a toothpick and is then captured by the Duke. The Duke puts the Darkling into a cage and shows it around the streets, jokingly calling it the Scourge of Gastonia. The Duke then asks the Old Man is this the monster who will destroy his kingdom to which the latter answers that it will be his master who will do it. The Darkling then confirms that he's master in on his way.

Later that night, the Darklings master comes to the city and kills nearly every denizen except for the Old Man and his grandson. They then took the Scourge of Gastonia with themselves and left the ruined city. Many years later, the grandson of the Old Man, travelled from kingdom to kingdom telling the story of Gastonia's downfall and showing the Darkling. Although, nobody seems to believe his story.

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