Sarah Estacado
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Miss Sarah







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Jimmy Estacado (husband)

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Vol. 2 Issue 1

"Do what you have to, Jackie. You'll still have me when you get back home."
Sarah Estacado to Jackie Estacado [src]

Sarah Estacado is the widow of Jimmy Estacado appearing in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

At her youth Sarah was a beautiful young woman who happened to fall in love with Jimmy Estacado, the first big daddy of the Franchetti Crime Family. Eventually they got married and she lived him until, Jimmy was killed. After Jimmy's death the family forgot about Sarah as she began to lose her mind because of old age.

Visit by Jackie Edit

Sarah is visited by Jackie who asks for a place to stay until he finds an apartment. Sarah agrees and lets him stay. She later gives Jackie inspirational words about the coming struggles he will need to face and that he always have her back home.

Next day, while having tea, she thinks about Jackie and darkness he tries to keep to himself.

Personality Edit

Sarah was a true Southern Belle, as honest and proper in her ways as the day is long. She would pretend to ignore Jimmy's racket as he would pretend to be a legitimate businessman. Jimmy died over thirty years ago and she was heartbroken. Sarah provides safe haven for Jackie when he is in trouble. Jackie really loves Sarah and she deserves a lot of respect because she always stayed at Jimmy's side. She wants everyone to just get along so Jackie doesn't tell her everything. She also suffers from mental illness cause by her old age.

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