Rat in a Maze
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Rat in a Maze is the fifteenth chapter of The Darkness II.


The Darkling leads Jackie through the shifting Institution. He reveals, that Jackie is barely alive. Because the Darkness is weak, it can't hear them. The Darkling explains, that the Insitution was built to prevent Jackie from going to Hell if he died and keep his mind occupied while it puts its host back together. The Darkness for some unknown reason, wants to keep Jackie and Jenny apart. Although, the Darkling isn't sure why the Darkness does this, he believes that its afraid of something.

After hearing this, Jackie tells the Darkling to help him to get to Jenny. The Darkling refuses, saying that he risked too much already by telling this information to Jackie. He reveals, that although he can't die in the real world, the Darkness can kill the Darkling in the asylum. Jackie still insists, that he needs to get to Jenny. But the Darkling tells him, that they have no time for this and Jackie must prevent the Brotherhood from taking the Darkness from him. Jackie then walks through the portal and returns back to reality, where Victor and Peevish are sucking the Darkness out of him into the Siphon.

Meanwhile, the Darkling begins to navigate the mansion in order to reach and save Jackie. The Darkling makes his way into the cellars, killing members of the Brotherhood he encounters along the way. He manages to cut the lights in Thorn Bed room. Just as that happens, Victor finishes sucking the Darkness out of Jackie. The Darkness orders Jackie to reclaim it or Jenny will burn forever. With the Darkness in their possession, Victor tells his men to burn Jackie's body, so the entity couldn't return back to its host.

Finally, the Darkling reaches Jackie and frees him from the iron maiden. Although badly wounded, Jackie insists, that they need to retrieve the Darkness from Victor. The Darkling suggests, that they should leave everything and go to Vegas instead as they're free. Knowing, that this would mean, Jenny will be trapped in Hell forever, Jackie has no other choice, but to reclaim the Darkness. When Jackie and the Darkling venture deeper in the cellars they discover the old office of Carlo Estacado. Jackie realizes, that the Brotherhood brought him to his old home. The Darkling mentions, Carlo being a collector of Darkness relics, making him an expert on the Darkness. The research he did was all for the purpose of saving Jackie from the Darkness.

Jackie then takes Carlo's Winchester Model 1887 and together with the Darkling, they fight their way out of the cellar. Their exit is blocked by Peevish, now empowered with the power of the Darkness. Peevish however lacked the full power of the Darkness nor the experience in wielding it and was unable to regenerate from his wounds, which resulted in him being shot to death by Jackie during a running gunfight. Jackie then takes the Darkness energy from Peevish's corpse. The Darkling notes, that without the Darkness to power his abilities, Jackie's Darkness powers will eventually fade away. The two then exit the cellars.




Picture Name Description
99045be42ae4a33465068f5b0776829f86fba455 Back in the Saddle Rescue Jackie from the Iron Maiden.
F41a4955ff9e57b76ab9d37113ac596c0d242194 Impish Delight Kill 15 enemies while playing as the Darkling.
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