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Vol. 3 Issue 91

"Rashad, unlike his brother, was not a leader, but a coward."
The Darkness describing Rashad Arrington. [src]

Rashad Arrington is a criminal appearing in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Rashad started his criminal career before he could ride a bicycle. He posted lookouts for his older brothers shabby drug selling operation on the streets of Brightmoor. Rashad ran various errands, like delivering packages, concocting alibis and coaxed new customers. As he rose to become a valued soldier in his brothers gang, Rashad began to steal from his brother.

Hunt The Darkness Edit

Eventually Rashad's brother found out that he was stealing from him. Rashad was then rounded up with his companions at a church in order to kill them. As Rashad's brother shoots the two companions and aims for Rashad himself, a Darkness serpent jumps out of Rashad and kills his brother. He then started to work for Capris Castiglione.

Rashad and his two henchmen then met with Butcher Joyce sixty miles west of Chicago, claiming to have killed Jackie Estacado. He brings them Jackie's corpse. As one of them checks the bullet hole in Jackie's head, he looses his finger.

Suddenly, Jackie wakes up and kills the two henchmen. Rashad opens fire on him, but Jackie mocks him for using a gun when he has the power of the Darkness at his fingertips. After hearing this, Rashad proceeds to summon an army of Darklings. Jackie is quickly overwhelmed by the Darklings, but Butcher shoots phosphorous flare, which kills them. Rashad then himself attacks Jackie. The two fight and Jackie manages to kill Rashad by driving his arm through his chest and pulling out Arrington's heart.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Darkness: Chosen by the Darkness as its possible new host, Rashad could wield its power as any true host.
    • Darkness Armor: Just like any other Darkness host, Rashad could manifest an armor made out of Darkness.
      • Enhanced Strength: The Darkness armor enhanced Rashad's strength and was able for short amount of time to match Jackie.
    • Darkling Conjuration: Rashad could summon forth Darklings from the otherworldly abyss of the Darkness and control them through telepathic communication; able to see and hear through their eyes and command them subconsciously.

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