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The Darkness: Hope

"I saw too much."
Rachel to Hope, regarding her blindness. [src]

Rachel Harrison is the wielder of Heart Stone, appearing in The Darkness: Hope.

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The Darkness: Hope Edit

In an alternate future, Jackie Estacado lost control over the Darkness and destroys humanity, including ten out of thirteen artifact wielders. Only Rachel, Finn and Jackie survive. Over the next ten thousands years, Jackie collected various artifacts, which helped him to recreate the entire humanity as Darklings. Rachel then inhabits Horace Grimes Memorial Asylum. She then begins meeting with Hope, every time revealing her the truth about her world.

Eventually, Jake Meer and Hope track Rachel down again. When they meet, she reveals to be the wielder of Heart Stone and that they have met before. She then touches Hope to let her see the "truth". Hope then sees that everyone, except for Rachel are Darklings and runs out of the asylum.

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Powers Edit

  • Heart Stone: As the wielder of the Heart Stone, Rachel has access to all its power.
    • Aura Reading: Although being completely blind, the Heart Stone gave Rachel the ability to perceive auras, normally invisible fields of energy that surround every living thing. Thus she could see people even without her sight.
    • Life Extension: The stone extends Rachel's life, letting her to live beyond her natural lifespan. When Hope meets her, Rachel have been living for over 10,000 years.
    • Illusion Dispelling: With the power of the stone, Rachel could dispel illusions and reveal the true reality. By simply touching Hope, Rachel was able to show the true reality of her world.

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