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"The problem with Pete is this: he's weak. He's real weak!"
Jimmy The Grape describing Petey. [src]

Petey "Pajamas" is a side character appearing in The Darkness.

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The Darkness Edit

At some point, Petey was captured by the police and questioned about the information he has on Jimmy The Grape and other Paulie Franchetti's rivals. After hearing about this, Jimmy tasks Jackie in finding and eliminating Petey before he reveals anything. Unfortunately, Jimmy only knows the door number to the apartment were Petey is being kept. He then tells Jackie to keep an eye out for the door with 261 written on them.

Eventually, Jackie finds the apartment in Grinder's Lane, near a parked taxi van. After eliminating the guards and Petey himself, Jackie retrieves the list of names "Pajamas" has ratted out. Jackie then brings the list to Jimmy, who rewards him with the collectible phone number.

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