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The Family

Payback is the second chapter of The Darkness II.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As Jackie Estacado recovers from the explosion and begins to crawl through the burning restaurant, the Darkness teases him to use its power. Jackie refuses, claiming that he will never use the Darkness ever again. The Darkness in response, begins to laugh out of Jackie knowing, that his salvation lies in its power. Then, Victor Valente appears in the doorway, leading from the restaurant into the valley. He's impressed with Jackie's strength, noting, that he's much stronger than his father was. He then instructs his goons to keep pushing Jackie and proceeds to disappear.

When Jackie reaches the dark alley, the Darkness tells him to embrace it once more. With no other choice, Jackie releases the Darkness, which manifests as two Serpent Heads. They then proceed to massacre Victor's goons and heal its host wounds. Jackie then notices wounded Vinnie. He questions him as to who hit us. Vinnie doesn't have any answers, but he did notice some guy with a limp, accompanied by a group of weird men. He adds, that the man headed down the alley. Vinnie suggests Jackie to meet his crew, who are out front on the street. Although Vinnie wishes to join him, he first needs to rest for a bit.

As he heads down the street, he encounters numerous attackers and kills them all. He also sees an apparition of Jenny, which distresses and confuses him. The Darkness warns him, that its a lie. When Jackie reaches the street, a gas pipe explodes, pushing him into an abandoned building and knocking him off his feet. One of the goons find him and prepares to kill him, but the Darkling appears and saves his life. The two then fight their way through the street and follows his attackers into the Canal St. Subway Station.

There a fierce firefight ensues between Jackie and his attackers. As last ditch, the goons destroy one of tunnels, causing the incoming subway train to crash. Jackie pursues his enemies through the tunnel and again sees an apparition of Jenny. Jackie proceeds to run after her, right as the train hits him. Not wanting to let the its host to die, the Darkness transports Jackie to a mental Asylum. There he finds Johnny Powell as one of the inmates. Confused as to what is happening to him, Jackie presses Johnny for answers. But Johnny only tells him to come and find him. He also meets Fat Tony, but he doesn't give any helpful information about his current situation.

Jackie then wakes up in an alleyway, witnessing as the Demon Arms finish off one of the attackers. Fat Tony finds him and brings him and Vinnie back to the mansion.

Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Relics[edit | edit source]

Achievements/Trophies[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Description
563144710b2fec9bc8a8fdaac202a2b7cd20e0fb.jpg Cheque Please! Survive the hit.
227bc4c87cad422905595ec2d9b598ed627424bd.jpg 2 Guys 1 Pole Kill 2 enemies with one javelin.
Dec34bbfc2e959e92e020746c490d9aa1bfaea5b.jpg Versatile Killer Kill enemies in 5 different ways within 30 seconds.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Just like in the first game, when Jackie releases the Darkness for the first time, twelve bells can be heard, signifying that its midnight.
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