Old Mutt Motel

Nevada, United States

Notable Inhabitants:

Old Mutt (Owner)

Real World Information

Vol. 1 Issue 24

Old Mutt Motel is a road side motel that Kimberly Yu Fang, Jackie Estacado and Wenders visit on their way to Las Vegas. It's run by Old Mutt.

History[edit | edit source]

Journey to Las Vegas[edit | edit source]

During their journey to Las Vegas, Kimberly, Jackie and Wenders stop by at a roadside motel for a night. While Jackie rests and Kimberly goes to have shower, Wenders goes to get some food for Jackie, but gets into conflict with the locals.

Suddenly, everyone around Wender burst into flames. Realizing that its the work of the Angelus, he runs to Jackie in order to warn him. Meanwhile, Jackie apologises to Kimberly for what he did and they reconcile. Wenders then bursts into the room and warns of a giant monster heading their way.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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