Nino Pirelli
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The Franchetti Mafia (member)

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Vol. 2 Issue 1

"Hey, that little punk was the first in the water paddle. You fuck with the family, this is what happens."
Nino Pirelli explaining why he betrayed Jackie. [src]

Nino Pirelli was a mobster appearing in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Rebirth Edit

Nino Pirelli bumps into Jackie while latter is walking down a street. He reveals that many high ranking mobsters didn't approve of him killing Frankie Franchetti. He also reveals that Frankie's cousin from Philadelphia, Paulie, has come to the city and wants to have a word with him. For a brief second, Nino's face becomes horribly mutilated to Jackie before coming back to normal. Pirelli offers to set up a meeting with Paulie, but Jackie rejects the offer.

Later that day, Pirelli visits Paulie and reveals about Jackie's return. Paulie then orders him to set up a meeting with Jackie.

Fate Edit

Next day, Pirelli brags to other mobsters how he sold out Jackie to Paulie. Jackie then crashes through the door and shoot Pirelli in the face, instantly killing him.

Personality Edit

While at first being very friendly, it reality Pirelli is loyal only to Franchetti Mafia and has no cons in betraying Jackie to Paulie.

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