Nino Moretti
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The Darkness

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Nolan North

"Two jobs in one night, like we're slaves or something..."
Nino to Jackie. [src]

Nino Moretti was a hitman and a friend of Jackie Estacado.

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The Darkness Edit

In the opening sequence of the Darkness, he, Jackie and Mikey Cimino drive through a tunnel, because they need to kill a foreman at a construction site. But then, cops are behind them. Nino gives Jackie a Shotgun, and forces him to load it up.

After shooting at the pursuing police cars, he is tilted out of the car, when Mikey swerves to avoid oncoming traffic, Nino's head is then smashed against a parked truck, killing him instantly. Jackie is then forced to push his corpse out of the car in and take his place in the front seat in order to fend off rival mobsters guarding the construction site.

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