The narcotic Nightfall was an opiate engineered by Jackie Estacado using the Darkness under Professor Kirchner's instruction.

History Edit

Creation and Distribution Edit

After letting Professor Kirchner inspect the Darkness, together with Jackie they managed to create a strong narcotic, which they called Nightfall. They then used the drug to overtake the economy of Sierra Muñoz; effectively becoming the heads of the small and politically bankrupt Central American country.

Soon after, the two planned to distribute the drug to the United States and even made contact with some distributors. Unfortunately, this plans never came to fruition, after Kirchner betrays Jackie and tries to kill him.

In the Realm of the Darkness, Kirchner continued to develop Nightfall, now with the help of Danny Estacado.

Capabilities Edit

The drug induces incredible pleasure when consumed, more intense than any normal narcotic on Earth. The original clean version had no downsides and wasn't addictive. The version distributed by Kirchner to the rest of Sierra Muñoz was highly addictive and quickly degraded the users mind. Nightfall needed to be kept in darkness at all times as direct sunlight would immediately destroy it.

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