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The Franchetti Mafia (Member)

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Vol. 1 Issue 1

"No hard... feelings... Jackie..."
Mo to Jackie Estacado [src]

Mo is a character appearing in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Attack on Frankie Franchetti Edit

After some ones gives out Joey Finnegan to Thomas Marchianni, Frankie Franchetti begins to look for a rat in his organisation. Jackie Estacado notices Mo extremely sweating and decides that he might have something to do with this. Mo explains that it's because of his weight his sweating.

Suddenly a grenade is thrown inside the room and Jackie throws Mo on it in order to save themselves. Mo absorbs the blast of the grenade saving everyone else in the room. He reveals that he didn't rat out Finnegan to Marchianni and says that he doesn't hold a grudge on Jackie as Mo dies.

Personality Edit

Mo was a loyal henchman of Frankie Franchetti. Even after Jackie accuses him of betraying them and uses him as a live shield, Mo doesn't hold a grudge on him.

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