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Vol. 3 Issue 88

"Awww, I thought it was going to be Koo-Koo Pets Zoo. But it's just stupid money all the way to the bottom."
Miriam to her mother. [src]

Miriam Kim is the daughter of Leonard Kim, appearing in The Darkness comics series.

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Regicide: Terminus Edit

Miriam and with her mother lived in a run down apartment. During Christmas Eve and Miriam expresses her wish to see Christmas lights turn on. Her mother is hesitant as she doesn't want the landlord to notice that they're home. In the end she decides to turn on the lights for twenty seconds. As she turns on the lights, Miriam runs to the Christmas tree and finds a present meant for her from Kim. Her mother questions as to how that present got here. When Miriam opens the present, she is disappointed to find the box full of money.

After Kim dies, Miriam with her mother attends his funeral, together with Vike and Kash O'Neal.

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