Mireille De La Croix
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Arianne De La Croix (Daughter)

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Magdalena Vol. 1 Issue 2

"I promise to do all in my power to come back for you."
Mireille to Arianne. [src]

Mireille De La Croix was the mother of Arianne De La Croix, the descendant of Sarah, the daughter of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ, and heir to House of Benjamin and Davidic line.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Mireille grew up in Montsalvat Abbey in France mountains where she was taken care of by Perfecti Vivienne. There she learned about her holy heritage and was trained in arts of combat. At some point, Mireille gives birth to a daughter, which she names Arianne.

Crusade Against Cathars Edit

When Pope Innocent III creates a new insidious institution, the inquisition to destroy the last remnants of Cathars, Mireille decides to put a stop to this. In the year 1239, the end of September, Mireille leaves her daughter Arianne in the care of Vivienne and the good sisters at Montsalvat. She also leaves their family's heirlooms and a letter for Arianne, explaining her reasons to fight the inquisition, her heritage and gifts in case she doesn't return.

Mireille then leaves Montsalvat Abbey and joins the fight against the inquisition. Although she fights ferociously, Mireille is overwhelmed and killed in a battle.

Personality Edit

Mireille was courageous woman, who couldn't stand when mindless slaughter and injustice was done to innocent people. When the church sent inquisition to eradicate Cathars, Mireille decided to stand against them and do everything in her power to stop them.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Light of the Magdalena: Being a descendant of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ, Mireille could create a potent light from her hands, forcing her enemies to relieve all the sins they've committed in their life.

Abilities Edit

  • Sword Mastery: Mireille was very proficient with a sword. She was able to kill countless crusaders in combat.

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